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What knowledge do you require about debit cards?

A debit card is a form of plastic money or it’s a type of payment systems with cards that allow the buyers to buy any goods or services without paying cash. The transaction amount is directly deducted from the buyer’s bank account the moment the buyer makes a payment with the help of the debit card. This is also considered the safest way of the transaction which allows the person to make a transaction without any fear of stealing. All the banks usually give the debit card to its customers as soon as his bank account is opened in a bank.

What knowledge do you require about a credit card?

Credit Card is also another form of plastic money that allows its customer to make purchases by borrowing the money from the bank which is more than the given limit. The money that has been borrowed from the bank is then paid back to the bank within the “grace period” which is nearly 25-30 days and this varies from bank to bank. Some amount of fine is also needed to be paid when a payment is not done within the grace period. The fine amount also varies from bank to bank.

What is known as VISA card?

  1. Visa card is a kind of payment card . It is branded by an international company called Visa international. This visa card can be both Credit Card and Debit Card or any prepaid card. Visa card also has got its different limit that is assigned by the bank and this depends on the creditworthiness of the consumer.
  2. Visa Inc. has been founded by Bank of America and it was considered to be the first company that facilitated with the first credit card in the year 1960.  This is considered as a renowned card system and the most trusted card globally as this gives the best benefits to its customers till date.

What to know about Master card?

  1. Master Card is an incorporation of MasterCard international with has got its headquarters in New York. This Master card also grants creditworthiness to its customers and this is also designed differently for each individual who is holding this card.
  2. During the year 1966 to 1979, this Master Card was also called as the “interbank” and the name of the bank that has initiated this card was the United California bank along with another bank of California.

What is new about DISCOVER?

Discover is the famous card that ranks fourth in being famous in the card list. It is mostly used in USA. The Greenwood trust company has issued this Discover card by the discover network payment network.  This is ranked fourth among all the other cards and is also having the same creditworthiness as compared to another similar card that is offered by a different bank.

Update your knowledge about American express?

American Express is also a form of Debit Card or Credit Card that is designed by the world-famous American multinational financial services. It has got its headquarters in the New York City. This card is also well known by the name of Amex card. Such kind of card system also includes the charge card and traveler’s cheque.

What is special about Pay Pal?

Pay Pal is a system that helps to facilitate the online transfer process in an electronic manner and it overcomes the old traditional method of holding any payment through papers like a money order or check. This system is particularly designed to have a secure method of payment and to get an instant payment. The payment is connected from the receiver’s account to that of the giver’s account.

What is special about SSL security?

  • This is a kind of secured lock that helps to pass all the information from within is a more secure way so that none of the information gets leaked out and it remains confidential and private.
  • Those who have this kind of security system are given a pair of the key that is given to maintain both private as well as the public. Both the keys work is a well-designed manner to keep the system secured and keep the connection in a proper way.‚Äč