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Frequently Asked Questions
How can we say that is a trusted online web pharmacy?

You can anytime check the authenticity of this website. There isn’t any need to re-think about this site. You can always have a check on our site’s authentication by giving us a call at our toll-free number. You can even have a live chat session with our customer care executive whenever you feel like. Here we are not always concentrating on the interesting part of selling our products to you, but here we also provide you with all the necessary health information. If anyone one wants he can even consult our doctors without any consultation fee.

What does sell?

We deal with all the medications of men’s health and those medications that help a man to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction. Our medications are FDA approved and we also give necessary health benefits from time to time.

What are the different payment modes of

We always try our level best to take care of our customer’s convenience so in order to do that we have got all possible mode of transaction available with us for our customer's comfort. We accept payment through credit cards or through debit cards. You can even pay us through MoneyGram, western union, bitcoins or through e-check. We also accept all types of Master cards and visa; here we are also open to bank transfers or through Discover even American Express, whatever way the customer is convenient. We even got some offers available on the mode of payment the customer chooses.

What is the procedure for placing orders from

After placing your order with us you will receive an invoice from our side regarding your order placement confirmation. If you do not get any confirmation mail from our side that it means that your order hasn’t been successfully placed and you need to again redo the transaction process.

During the time of shipment of your ordered product, you will get a final confirmation mail from our side to confirm your address.  Your product tracking details will be mentioned in the confirmation mail, it is required to track your order easily.

What procedures should be followed after an order is placed?

The first step is to register your account with us through your valid email address.

Once you are registered with us then you will get a confirmation on your email-id from our side. After your confirmation is done then you need to login to your account with your credentials.

You will have to share all your information details that are mentioned there, one should always remember to mention his correct address and correct pin code and with his correct phone number. Suppose if there are any mistakes in your address details that you have provided to us then in that case the product will return back to us. So you need to be very careful about the information that you feed.

How to cancel an order from

Suppose if you want to cancel an order due to some reason then, in that case, you have to do it within a time period of 24 hours from the time of placing your order. Suppose if you do not receive your invoice number details and you have decided to cancel your order then, in that case, you will have to mail us and give the exact reason for order cancellation. Suppose if your order has been approved then in that case you can cancel it within 24 hours time to claim the full billing amount.

Are there any charges that need to be given after the delivery or hidden charges?

Our customer should be assured that there are no hidden charges or after delivery charges for this payment. You won’t have to do any extra payment when your ordered product gets delivered to your desired location. You only need to pay the exact amount that is mentioned on your invoice which is already paid before the dispatch of your product.

How can this website sell drugs at such a low price?

We are able to give our customers our products at such a low price because here we do business directly with the manufacturers.  There are no middlemen involved, so there is no extra cost incurred in it. Our product thus does not incur any additional cost like advertising cost or carriage charges. Here we directly take the medicines from their manufactures and import them directly to our customers. Our products do not add to any unnecessary carriage charges. The cost of the product includes the cost of the product as well as the shipping charges. In case if you get an offer of free shipping, your invoice amount is exactly the price of the medication that you have ordered. In that case, you will have to give the exact amount that you have purchased and we do not charge you for any free medications that you receive with the product you ordered.

Will all my information remain secret or others will get to know about the parcel?

Definitely not, no one will ever come to know about what’s there in the parcel, the product you will order will be packed in a simple and discreet packaging that no one will get a hint of the products that are present inside the parcel. We assure that we will never mention the contents of the parcel anywhere on the top of the packaging. We will also deliver your product at your convenient address that is shared by you and you need to stay at home during the time you receive the parcel as we give the parcel to the concerned person only.

How to know when the products will arrive?

Once your products get shipped from our side you will immediately get a message regarding your tracking details, with the help of these tracking details and with the help of UPS tracking system you can very easily get the exact location of your product.

You can also get the entire information from “how to track your order” section of our website.