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Get the fastest Shipping policy with us:

Our shipping policies offer you a fast processing and a speedy delivery of your ordered products to your desired location. The product that is delivered is in a simple and discreet packaging in order to maintain the confidentiality of your order.

How do our shipping policies work?

  • Once you place your order with us after that your product is shipped only after 24 hours; during this time span of 24 hours the customer have an option to easily cancel his orders if he wants.
  • Soon after you place your order with us you will receive a mail from our side with the confirmation receipt and likewise, during the time when your order is being dispatched from our end, we will again send you a mail indicating that your material is being dispatched from our centers.
  • For each and every confirmed order you need to first verify your mailing address before you finally submit it to proceed with the customer’s order.
  • Out here we offer you an option to choose the type of shipment with which you want us to deliverer your ordered product to your desired location. For example, If you have opted for express shipping or overnight shipping, then, in that case, your shipment will take around 5-10 working days while in orders where standard shipping opts there you can expect your ordered product to be delivered within 15 working days.
  • There is one thing that the customer should keep in his mind is that the products you order to us will only be dispatched on working days, for example, if a customer places an order to us on Saturday then the delivery of the order to the customers place will happen only on Monday and not before that.
  • Suppose In case of the address that is provided by the customer is incorrect or the customer fails to receive the delivery and the entire shipment returns back to us then in that case if the customer again wants to get back the products then he needs to pay for the re-shipping of the products.

How to get the best benefits from our shipping policy?

  • In order to get the best benefit out of our shipping policy, the customer needs to provide us the complete details of his address where he wants us to deliver the product. The address provided should be correct and complete. Wrong and incomplete information about the delivery address can reach your products into wrong hands.
  • Suppose if someone wants to know about the status of his delivery then in that case he can easily track down his order with the help of the GPS tracker, with the help of this GPS tracker you will get to know on which day your product will reach your home so that you can stay back home on that day and personally receive the product to avoid the product to be re-shipped again.
  • Suppose if your Order value is less than $100 dollars then in that case your product will be delivered via registered post or EMS.
  • The customer can easily avail our free shipping facility option on their orders if his products order value is $150 or higher than that.
  • Sometimes the product may get a bit delayed, like in case of custom duty issues which varies from country to country so it is always suggested to our customers to order the products much before then the desired date (in case if you want to continue the medication)