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A detailed study on erectile dysfunction

What is male impotency or erectile dysfunction?

It is a form of sexual dysfunction which is a cause of an inability to maintain or develop any erection in the process of sexual activity. Men do suffer from the problem of occasional ED and this is supposed to be caused due to various reasons that is stress or problem of dealing with the relation which can be dealt after a proper counselling. And remember there are other sexual problems that are not erectile dysfunction and this is premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation or no ejaculation, lack of sexual stimulation or no interest for sexual activity.

Know the symptoms of Erectile dysfunction?

  • Firstly the inability of the person to get an erection
  • Secondly, the erection is too soft for penetration
  • Thirdly the erection is too short for a complete sexual intercourse.
  • When the erection is not rigid enough to get an erection then this is termed erectile dysfunction.

Other sexual disorders that are related to ED are

  • Problem of premature ejaculation
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Anorgasmia, the inability to get any erection after repeated sexual stimulation

Research on men suffering from ED

This erectile dysfunction problem occurs in men commonly when they age. The problem of complete ED increases from 5%-15%  as they age from the age of 40 to 60. Ed is also very commonly seen in men with a history of hypertension, diabetes, smoking, and alcohol. This is also found in Hispanic men.

Research says that African-American men seeking treatment for ED are twice their racial group.

Scientific mechanism of ED

An erection occurs only when the blood fills the penis that is when it fills the two chambers of corpora cavernosa. This then makes the penis firm and erect. This mechanism of filling blood is triggered by pulses from the nerves and brain. If these impulses are restricted then it may lead to the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Different factors that lead to the male impotency problem

The connection between chronic disease and Ed

It is seen that men who have diabetes are two to three times more prone to diabetes than those who are nondiabetic. The chances of getting Ed in case of diabetic patients are 10- 15 years earlier than non-diabetic men. There are other problems like kidney problems, liver problems, cardiovascular problems that may impair the blood flow to the penile area.

The connection between ED and lifestyle

It is seen that men who have the problem of drug abuse or are addicted to towards alcohol or smoking inevitably get the problem of ED as these habits damage the blood vessels. Men with atherosclerosis and are smoking are too much vulnerable to ED. Researches say that men who are regularly exercising have a lower risk of ED.

Surgery and relation with ED

It is even that men who had a surgery can get the problem of ED which is recovered after 12-18 months of surgery. In a few cases, the surgery like prostate cancer, bladder cancer, or BPH can cause the problem of permanent damage to the blood vessels of the penis and this case treatment is required to get an erection.

Relation of ED with medication

ED may be caused due to side-effects of various medication like anti-depressants, blood pressure medication, and tranquilizer. In this case, the doctor can tell you the problems that you are facing and how to deal with it.

Relation of ED with different psychological factors

No Studies reveal that problem related to stress, anxiety, stress, depression, poor anxiety, can make an erection difficult in a person.

Different health causes leading to ED are

Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, hyperliidemia, damage due to cancer or surgery, injuries, obesity or overweight, increased age, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, addiction towards drug or smoking.

What are the ways to diagnose ED?

  1. The doctor will have a thorough check-up of your health and will also ask you regarding your health history. The physical examination will be conducted on your health regarding the blood circulation in your body and your blood vessels.
  2. Ed can be a sign to heart disease researchers have said that ED can be a big signal to cardiovascular disease or heart attack or stroke in future along with the different causes that can lead to the problem of death. It is said that if a person is suffering from any ED disease then he should be first evaluated for the problem of heart disease. Though this problem is not necessary to be a cause of any heart disease or it does not mean that this problem will definitely lead to the problem of erectile dysfunction.

What are the ways to get rid of erectile dysfunction?

Can be changed with the help of a change in lifestyle

Those who change their lifestyle by leaving smoking and drinking and living a life that is stress-free and have adequate sleep and exercise regularly can get rid of this ED problem even faster.

Treatment with oral medication

Oral medication like generic Viagra generic Cialis, generic Levitra is used to treat the problem of ED when taken with the proper method and after consulting the doctor or your health experts.

Other treatments of Ed

  • Ed can be treated with the help of injections where the drugs that help in dealing the blood vessels are inserted inside the penis or inserted a medicated pellet inside the urethra. This pellet can give an erection in 30 minutes.
  • Treatment can be done by pumping out the air from around the penis and creating a temporary vacuum around the penis this allowing the erection to take place
  • Surgery is also an option where the damaged blood vessels are operated on. This is an option only in younger man rather than younger ones.
  • There is also physiotherapy that allows the man to recover from the problem of ED
  • Some also try supplements to get rid of the problem of ED.
  • Proper counseling can also treat the problem of ED as this problem can be caused due to factors like relationship issues with the partner or too much stress or prolonged anxiety and grief leading to the problem of depression.
  • Other factors such as healthy diet and some natural remedies can also cure the problem of ED during the initial stages of this malady. If this is taken care at the right time this can be easily dealt with rather than waiting and intensifying the problem.