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Refund policy always tries its best for providing you the best and original products that are trusted and is 100% authentic. When you are with us then there isn’t any chance of dealing with a counterfeit product or duplicate product from our side. We assure you that we will never offer you any product that has been tampered with in any way.

We have also facilitated our refund policy for our valuable customers if there is a problem with the product, Here we value our customers hard earned money equally as we value them.

Our main aim is customer satiation and nothing else and so we try our level best that your placed orders never fail to get delivered to you perfectly on time but if suppose in case there is any problem in the delivery or if there is any defect in the product, then in that case we are ready to refund you your entire billing amount.

Cases when we refund your orders?

  • We will refund you your money if we fail to deliver you your ordered product on time at your mailing address (Please Note: We are not liable for any refund if you have given us a wrong address or if you have shifted your home)
  • If you have ordered some product from us and it does not reach you within the timeline that is estimated by us then in that case you can reclaim your entire billing amount from us.
  • You can ask for a 100% refund of your billing amount from us if in case you have got a wrong product delivered to you or if your parcel is damaged (tampered) or soiled.
  • Suppose for any reason if you cancel your order prior to shipping of your order or you cancel it within 24 hours of placing the order, then, in that case, you can take back the full refund amount.
  • Suppose for any reason if you cancel your order after the shipping of the product is done then in that case buyers can claim for only up to 50% of the refund amount from us.

How to claim the refund amount?

  • In order to claim for the refund amount, you need to just call our customer care helpline number and ask for the refund amount.  You can also ask them about the procedure for getting the refund amount.
  • You can also write a mail to us at describing to us the actual reason for claiming for the refund amount, Remember one thing your reason for asking for the refund amount should be a valid reason.

Here you always have an option to get in touch with our customer care services. Our customer care officers are always available for your support 24*7.